Wooden Crate Shelves Bathroom

Let’s talk about bathroom storage solutions – it’s a never-ending problem that we just can’t seem to solve. However, we have a solution for you – wooden crates. These versatile storage units are trendy, stylish and affordable, and you can use them in multiple ways, such as shelves, cabinets or even as a stylish over-the-toilet storage. And, if you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, then you have come to the right place. We’ve got some creative and practical ideas that’ll help you incorporate wooden crates into your bathroom decor.

Crate stacked shelves above toilet

If you want to optimize vertical space in your bathroom, then these crate stacked shelves above the toilet are an excellent idea. A few crates stacked on top of each other can make a pretty solid storage space that you can use to store bath towels, bathroom essentials, or décor pieces like candles and plants. The key is to use crates of different sizes to create a unique visual appeal. This method is a one-stop solution for cramped bathrooms where you need to save every inch of space available.

crate stacked shelves above toilet

Old cheese boxes & crates for the bathroom furnishing

Upcycling old cheese boxes and crates can create an affordable and unique bathroom storage solution. Cheese boxes are a great way to add vintage charm to your bathroom decor, and you can use them as stand-a-lone containers, or create shelving units by attaching them together. You can use them as a towel rack, flower pot holder, magazine rack or even for storing bathroom essentials. When it comes to wooden crates, they can be easily mounted on the wall as shelves, or combined to create an over-the-loo cabinet.

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old cheese boxes & crates for the bathroom furnishing

Selection of storage for a bathroom decoration – DIY crate shelves

This is a simple and budget-friendly idea that you can recreate with minimum effort. All you need to do is arrange your crates in a stack or horizontal position, depending on the available space. You can organise each crate by category, such as towels, toiletries or beauty products. You can also use decorative elements such as jars, bottles, vases or frames to add a quirky touch. In a small bathroom, these DIY shelves could be the perfect storage solution which saves space and add charm at the same time.

Selection of storage for a bathroom decoration - DIY crate shelves

15 DIY Space-Saving-Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Another creative way to utilise wooden crates in your bathroom is by adopting some DIY space-saving bathroom shelving ideas. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, then it’s always tough to find space to store all your essentials. But, with these 15 fantastic storage ideas, you can make clever use of vertical and horizontal space in your bathroom. You can convert your wooden crates into an open cabinet or a medicine cabinet. You can also use them to create floating shelves or to add storage under the sink.

15 DIY Space-Saving-Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Bathroom Shelf Wood Crate Wooden Crate Shelf Bathroom

This wooden crate bathroom shelf is made from one crate, and it’s an excellent solution for an easy DIY project. The shelf itself is perfect for storing and displaying bath towels, plants, and other bathroom essentials. The combination of light wood and black iron brackets make it aesthetically pleasing, giving your bathroom a modern farmhouse look. If you want to add a rustic touch, simply paint the wooden crate in white, sanded down to expose the wood and finish off with a coat of varnish.

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Bathroom Shelf Wood Crate Wooden Crate Shelf Bathroom

10 Ways to Incorporate Wooden Crates in Your Bathroom

Here we have ten more ways to inspire you to incorporate wooden crates into your bathroom decor. Some of our favourites are converting crates into freestanding storage solutions. Attach some legs to a few crates to create a unique storage unit that stands out. You can also turn a wooden crate into a laundry hamper by adding cloth lining and hinges. Another fun and creative idea is to install wooden crate shelves from the ceiling in a small bathroom, giving you more floor space.

10 Ways to Incorporate Wooden Crates in Your Bathroom

The Benefits of Using Wooden Crates In Your Bathroom

So, we’ve given you some great design inspiration, but why should you consider using wooden crates in your bathroom? Well, there are quite a few benefits:

  • Affordable: Wooden crates are an inexpensive storage solution that won’t break the bank.
  • Durability: Wooden crates are sturdy and durable, ensuring their longevity.
  • Versatility: There are so many ways to use wooden crates, making them a versatile storage solution.
  • Accessibility: Using wooden crates in your bathroom makes it easy to access and organise all your essentials.
  • Creative expression: With wooden crates, you can create unique and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions.
  • Eco-friendliness: Reusing wooden crates is an eco-friendly option that reduces waste.

Advantages of Wooden Crates in Your Bathroom

Here are some of the advantages of using wooden crates in your bathroom:

  • You get a rustic look and feel that adds warmth and character to your bathroom.
  • Wooden crates are easy to find, and they come in different sizes, meaning you can customise them to your needs.
  • They are perfect for creating a DIY project, which can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • If you grow tired of their look, you can always repaint or repurpose them for a new project, meaning they are a great investment for the long term.
  • They can make small bathrooms look bigger by utilising vertical space, reducing clutter and adding a touch of charm.
  • Wooden crates are easy to maintain and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to ensure maximum cleanliness in your bathroom.
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How to Incorporate Wooden Crates in Your Bathroom

So, how do you incorporate wooden crates into your bathroom decor? Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  • First, consider the available space and choose the type of wooden crates that will work best for the area. Small bathrooms might require floating shelves, while larger ones might benefit from larger shelving units or cabinet solutions.
  • Once you’ve chosen your crates, decide on the placement. Avoid cluttering, and use the crates to accent your bathroom decor instead.
  • You can paint, sand or treat the wooden crates to customise them to your preferences, or simply leave them natural for a rustic feel.
  • If you’re creating a shelving unit or cabinet, add decorative elements such as plants, candles, or a tray to organise your essentials.
  • Consider adding adhesive rubber or felt pads to the bottom of the crates to avoid damage to flooring and to prevent them from shifting or sliding around.

Conclusion and Tips

We hope this post has given you some great ideas on ways to incorporate wooden crates into your bathroom decor. These storage solutions are affordable, versatile, and can be an enjoyable DIY project. Here are some tips to keep in mind when incorporating wooden crates into your bathroom:

  • Choose the right size and style of wooden crates that will work best for your bathroom layout
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different finishes and colours to customise your crate
  • Remember to utilise vertical and horizontal space effectively to create maximum storage
  • Add interior lining or adhesive pads to avoid damage to your bathroom flooring
  • Maintain cleanliness by wiping the wooden crates with a damp cloth regularly

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and start transforming your bathroom into a stylish and practical space with wooden crates.

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